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Treadmill Running

When I first started, besides my shoes, I had no other gear to help me brave the cold weather-and thats because I didn’t WANT to brave the weather.  So I ran and ran and ran indoors.  I did my 3 miles, my 4 miles and even up to 8 miles on a Treadmill.  Then I ran out of Biggest Looser episodes and was forced outside.  That first run set me free and my LOVE for running began at that moment.  Now, I can’t even stand to do 2 miles-today was very tough.  (I still run indoors when the husband goes out cycling-it’s a give and take relationship we have)

Anyway, I actually did some research on how to run on the treadmill before starting to make sure I utilized what I had.

There are several pages worth of info if you google ‘training on a treadmill’  with lots of helpful support as well as plans to use the treadmill to your advantage. You can use them to work inclines and if your treadmill does it (mine doesn’t) you can use it to work declines as well.

Here is a fellow who has run a half, two full and an extreme trail ultramarathon-and all training was done on the treadmill.

Training For A Marathon On A Treadmill

And here is a training schedule that includes treadmill training that I used during my weekday runs:  Training plan w/ treadmill 
Then I did some research to make sure I was running properly ON the treadmill.  I had every intention to go back to the Runners Corner for their technique class, but never did-but I think this video helped:

So there you go-the hubby is off to work early, you cant leave the kids alone-for me, it wasn’t an excuse to reach my dream.  I found a way through.


Finding the right shoe

Here is a video I did at the very beginning about how to start with running.  Most people think you just GO.  And thats one of the first ways you can hurt yourself.  I know I wouldn’t be able to have come this far without having a proper shoe fitting first.

Now there is a huge debate over supportive vs. ‘natural’ shoes and I do have an opinion, but thats for another post.

PS I actually learned how to pronounce the name of my shoe since recording the video-goes to show how VERY NOVICE I was and that if I can do it, you can too!