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My Komodo Vibram 5 Finger Shoe Review


Yes, I’m still here

You wouldn’t believe it but I am still running.  Wow, with the training and a fun filled summer, I totally left everyone hanging.  Well everyone that read this blog and doesn’t follow me on facebook or twitter.  If you don’t-I suggest you click the fun little tabs at the top of the homepage cause thats where you’ll hear from me the most…

I did run the half marathon.  We got on a bus super early in the morning, stood around fires for about an hour, made a quick stop at the porta potties and then took off running. Xiao literally took off.  Long story short I finished in 2 hours and 5 mins.  It was the most painful, heartbreaking (cause I didn’t make my 2 hour mark) longest time I’ve ever been sore experience.  So you know what I did next?  I signed up for a 10K just one month later.

I ran the July Freedom Festival 10K and had a lot more fun with that.  Although my knee had been hurting still-but more of that on the next post. So then what did I do, I signed up for another half marathon.  This one I’m taking it easy and enjoying the journey.  Its a Halloween run, and I got my husband to agree to do it with me-we’ll be going as star trek characters.

And if that wasn’t enough, I already signed up for the full marathon in June of next year.  You could say I’m addicted.  I like running now.  No, I probably won’t like doing another full marathon, and to be honest,  I don’t actually like the racing part-yet…  But I LOVE a challenge and I like the goal of a race.  I would never get out and run just for running’s sake, but the thrill of a start, the research going into what nutrition is best and then the anticipation of my time all keep me going.

So there, you have it.  I hate to run because I love it…  And I actually invested in a good pair of shoes this time around.