My Komodo Vibram 5 Finger Shoe Review


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  1. blog stalking…..
    Not necessarily the shoe that is causing the knee pain, but the style/technique that you use to run. The “barefoot” shoe forces you to use better technique and not heels strike so much. I started using Altra Instincts (zero drop, but a half inch of padding, wide toe box) a few months ago and am loving them. They do take time to get used to though and your calves will hurt like heck for a while. for the mobility and joint pain….check out this blog.
    for your technique, I downloaded some short and sweeeeet instructional videos from the CrossFit journal that show proper technique for “POSE” style running. If you’d like to check them out let me know and I can add you to my dropbox folder to access the videos.
    I’ve seen many runners wear Vibram’s in longer races and in trail races, so it’s simply a matter of preference and individual runners ability to handle it. *** As I am typing this I am listening to the rest of your video….Sounds like you’ve got the word already that they are to improve your technique, and that they will take some time to work up to a longer distance. I’m fairly new to running myself, but I enjoy the feeling of pushing past barriers and that’s what running is, best of luck!

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