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I CAN goals

Man, this morning was a lifting day.  The schedule has been changed a little to allow me to run my long run on Friday-12 miles.  I really did NOT want to get up. Then I really did NOT want to get dressed, or go downstairs or put the DVD in.

But I knew that I would feel good afterwards.  Yesterday I listened to Tony Horton talk about how even with a bum arm (he tore a bicep muscle from the bone) he still gets a workout in.

He talked about finding your reason why you workout.  When people ask him why he does it he tells them because he never feels more powerful than after a workout.

The scale and the numbers game is no fun to play.  Its not suppose to be a game and I can tell ya right now if the reason why you are working out is to be skinny or reach a certain number two things are going to happen-either

  1. You are going to fall off the wagon and not be consistant or
  2. You won’t know what to do once you get there

A number on the scale is not tangible.  And by that, it doesn’t have emotion attached to it.  I don’t workout so I can reach a size 4 jean or weigh 125lbs (which I dont)  I work out because doing that gives me the energy to be able to play tickle monster with my kids, to be able to throw my children in the air and hear their screams of delight.  I do it because I have more energy to hold Noodles and push the vacuum because its her first encounter with this contraption and it scares her to death.  I workout because I can carry Noodles and Scooter when they both get hurt at the same time and need love.  I workout because it gives me confidence that if I can master something I didn’t think I could in an exercise-then I can take on the world.

Now, I have been teased several times about my ‘healthy living/eating.”  I’ve come across people who discourage me.  I actually got an email today from a friend who is worried I’m working my body too hard and thinks that it would be healthier if I let go of running the half marathon… More on that later.  Anyway, there will be things, people, situations that will either intentionally or unknowingly try to derail you.  If all you’re after is a number on the scale, then you will easily fail.  It helps me that even though I’m not at my ‘number’ I am feeling so much better now than ever that nothing anyone says can stop me.  I KNOW what it was like to eat crappy food and feel lousy and I didn’t like it at all.  Thats not to say I don’t indulge-I can devour a Cheesecake quicker than anyone I know-but I choose to do these things based on a calculated decision, not because I was pressured into something-thats not feeling confident or empowered.

See, if I ever reach my dream weight-it will be just a side effect to all the other benefits of working out.  Too many people go for that number and then what-whats the next goal-another lower number?  What if you can’t get that?  Then you get discouraged-loosing sight of the fact of how you feel and only focusing on the number you AREN’T SEEING-or worse, the person you’ve become.

I set goals based on things I want to be able to do.  Being fit and healthy are things required to be able to do these things-but they aren’t the goals.

So I did workout, it was a great burn-and that really helped me to eat well.  You don’t feel like eating junk food if you workout hard.  I had SUPER energy and a great day.

Set goals based on I CAN rather than a number and you’ll start understanding what I mean.  It needs to be deep, it needs to be something that no matter what, you won’t let go of.



I did something I never thought I would do.  I went out of my comfort zone and entered the world of hip hop dancing.  I attended a Turbo Kick Instructors class.

If you’ve heard of Turbo Jam or Turbo Fire, you know what I’m talking about.  Its a type of exercise that incorporates music into high intensity moves such as kickboxing and a little martial arts.  It feels more like a party and you never would guess its working out because its SO much fun!  The girls I went with were great and the instructor teaching this workshop is the BEST.

If any of you know me though, your jaw probably needs to be picked up from off the floor.  I can’t count rhythm, or beat-see I wouldn’t know the difference any way and can’t carry a tune either.   In junior high, my band teacher told me that before I came back next year, I needed to look into some private lessons over the summer in order to be allowed to remain in the group.  This was a public school where there were NO auditions to be in band-yet, he was placing a limit on how far low he’d let the quality of his concerts go.  One day in church-new to this ward-my husband and I were standing and chatting after the services were over and a very nice lady came up to us and excitedly invited my husband to join the choir because they were low on great bass voices.  Then she turned to me and said-and we welcome anyone so if you would like to as well…  Shoot, Scooter would cry when I sang to him…

And its not like I didn’t try.  I took a jazz class when I was 7 years old too.  I hated it so much, but my mom said she didn’t pay the upfront cost in order for me to quit.  I never went left when the rest of the kids did…

So why the HECK would I have paid money to try and become an instructor ?  Really I don’t know.  And thats why I’m writing today.  I in no way want this to reflect the class, the exercise or anything relating to Turbo-but I did not enjoy myself. Like I said, I LOVED the instructor-we’re pretty good friends, and the girls were so much fun-but I didn’t ever really get into it.

And today I cried.  I cried and cried because I haven’t even a clue if I passed. I payed money to go to something that has now been officially confirmed I am no good at.  I spent the WHOLE day from 9-6pm at a dance studio on the nicest day of the month while my husband got to play with the kids outside at a park.  The house was a mess, no laundry, cleaning bathrooms, prep for the weeks meals, vacuuming none of it got done.  And its not my husband’s fault.  He did an awesome job of watching the kids AND cleaning the kitchen including doing dishes.  Its just that the house has fallen to a two man clean up job and this one was off doing something I suck at.

Then my wonderful husband pulled me close and said, hey-suck it up.  Nah, he was much kinder than that but really, that was the underlying message and it was exactly what I needed to hear.  We all do things that just don’t turn out in life.  We take chances that will help us grow.  If it doesn’t turn out-if it doesn’t turn out like we WANT it to, it doesn’t mean its a failure.

If we wallow in what we did-instead of looking to what we’re going to do about it-we’ll never get anywhere.  I love this quote by Victoria Holt

Never regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience.

So, I wiped my tears and put on a smile.  I did something that I wasn’t comfortable with-I DID it.  I experienced something that was new and awkward and I survived.  I changed my perspective.  There are going to be LOTS of days to be outside this summer with the kids.  I got a whole DAY to myself and my husband got to bond with the kids one on one.  I made new friends and got a really GREAT workout in.  The bathrooms would have gotten dirty less than 5 mins after I cleaned them and Scooter usually wears the same shirt like 3 days in a row so whats a 4th going to hurt?  And you never know, I might just get that instructors certificate and we can all laugh at myself together at a group workout.  I’ll keep ya posted on the time and date.

Man, I am so glad to have a great husband to put my attitude in check so I could turn around and help you change yours!

Ideal vs Maintainable

I’ve actually talked with several different people on different occasions this week about the issue of weight.  Even on the Biggest Looser we see Dan had his goal weight written down on his arm-the weight he shoots for when he steps on the scale.  I know that there are a lot of people right now using the term “beach body” or “bikini body”  especially as Spring comes to a close and the summer season is around the corner.

I want to talk about two very different terms when it comes to weight.  You have your ideal weight-the weight you always dreamed about and you have your maintainable weight.  VERY different numbers.

I’m 5’5 and would LOVE to be 125 pounds and thats even middle ‘ideal’ weight according to some sites!  But the reality is that I’m not going to strive for that weight.  The reason, because I want to be HAPPY.  Why wouldn’t I be happy if I was at my IDEAL weight.  The reason is that its not something that I could maintain.  I am working out 6 days a week and doing the best I can to watch my food intake and I at this very point in time with 2 kids and running 2 businesses-I’m not able to up my pace.

When setting your maintainable weight, you need to really ask yourself if once you reach it, can you maintain the same exercise and diet pace for the rest of your life?

I’m all for challenging yourself and pushing your limits but there is a difference between achievable, maintainable realistic goals and dream goals.  I know, I know, this sounds completely different from what you hear-and let me tell you, DO NOT finish this and say, well Lorri says that I shouldn’t push harder or work harder.  As in the words of Jon Bon Jovi:

Don’t get too comfortable with who you are at any given time – you may miss the opportunity to become who you want to be.

BUT the last thing we want to do is set goals that right from the start will destroy us mind body and soul.  Hence the reason I am running a half marathon-I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone, but NOT trying to be iron-woman or even a marathon right off the batt because I would set myself up for failure because I would have to pull from my time as mom or wife or business owner and then I wouldn’t be happy inside…

One foot in front of the other

Things that seem hard are not always that hard. Put one foot in front of the other, and you’ll get to the end.

And so here is another step-blogging.

I should have started this blog in the beginning, when I first started my journey of running, but you’ll have to just guess at what I’ve been thinking up to this point.  I don’t intend for this to be all about running.  Shoot after June 11th, I don’t know if I will still run…  yeah I probably will-I got bit by the running bug, but this blog is about more than just running.  Its about taking life in stride.

I am wife to a wonderful husband.  I know thats a common phrase, but seriously-who is married to a man who does cooking, laundry AND changes diapers without complaint?  I am also a mom, currently of 2 little ones-Noodles (10 months old) and Scooter (3 months old).   But I want to also be know as ME.  Wife and Mother are roles I play in this life along with daughter, sister and friend.

Running just a VERY short time has already taught me so much about life-from pacing to priorities and breathing to seeing.  Its all a metaphorical marathon and we all have different ways to train.

But no matter how we prepare we all cross the finish line by doing the same thing, putting one foot in front of the other.

(PS don’t expect deep thoughts from me all the time, the kids are taking good naps today-but thats rare…)