One foot in front of the other

Things that seem hard are not always that hard. Put one foot in front of the other, and you’ll get to the end.

And so here is another step-blogging.

I should have started this blog in the beginning, when I first started my journey of running, but you’ll have to just guess at what I’ve been thinking up to this point.  I don’t intend for this to be all about running.  Shoot after June 11th, I don’t know if I will still run…  yeah I probably will-I got bit by the running bug, but this blog is about more than just running.  Its about taking life in stride.

I am wife to a wonderful husband.  I know thats a common phrase, but seriously-who is married to a man who does cooking, laundry AND changes diapers without complaint?  I am also a mom, currently of 2 little ones-Noodles (10 months old) and Scooter (3 months old).   But I want to also be know as ME.  Wife and Mother are roles I play in this life along with daughter, sister and friend.

Running just a VERY short time has already taught me so much about life-from pacing to priorities and breathing to seeing.  Its all a metaphorical marathon and we all have different ways to train.

But no matter how we prepare we all cross the finish line by doing the same thing, putting one foot in front of the other.

(PS don’t expect deep thoughts from me all the time, the kids are taking good naps today-but thats rare…)